Changing trend of Indian wedding

Marriage is the most divine connection of two hearts and has to be cared for whole life. It’s a bond, which is made up of thread of believe and wish to be not break even in the toughest situation.

Marriage defines the alliance between two families, sometimes between two castes and even sometimes between two religions.

It is a heavenly relationship made by God to promote peace and love. The custom and cultural heritage of India, make Indian weddings a great occasion to be remembered forever.

The common feature of Indian wedding is fun and excitement due to gathering of a huge of relatives and friends.

Now Indian society is undergoing a drastic change due to economic prosperity and digital revolution. The way people take vows and build relationships, organize ceremonies leading to a new face of Indian society.

Traditionally parents found the match for their marriage and marriage was arranged according to rituals, but now all are choosing their partners and opting for court marriage.

Earlier boys and girls were not allowed to meet before marriage but now they can meet, they can chat and they can spend time together.

As joint family system is almost replaced by nuclear family, so level of comfort increased between husband and wife.