Famous Hindu Wedding Venues in Bangalore

India is a country of various kind of culture and heritage. In India dance, culture, food and heritage differ from one place to another. Indian culture is the amalgamation of several cultures. But India is identified as the birth place of Hinduism and Buddhism. Hindu culture follows the rules and tradition of Vedas. The most famous happening in Hindu culture is Hindu weddings. Hindu marriage is just not about coming together of two people but about meeting of two souls for seven births. It is a bond of love, respect and affection between two families for ever. There are a number of customs associated with Indian Hindu wedding ceremony. These traditions and customs are the essence behind the trust and chastity exist between two families after the wedding.

There are so many main things to follow in Hindu marriage and some of the very important customs are like Kanyadan, Mangalasutra, seven vows, wedding Barat. The Best Wedding Venues in Bangalore with all the amenities for Hindu wedding is Manipal county.

Kanyadan: It is such a ritual which attached with the emotion of bride’s parents. It is a custom where the bride’s parents give their daughter to another family with a generous heart.

Mangalasutra: In Hindu wedding one of the sacred custom is of tying Mangalasutra. It is basically a black and gold beaded thread with a diamond pendant. The married woman has to wear it always after the marriage.

Barat is the most important and fun filled tradition of Indian wedding ceremony. It basically a procession in which the groom  and his family go to the bride’s home with Band, baaza and song to bring her with respect and dignity to their home.

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